There are some question which are really important for a candidate. employers generally ask these questions and answer of these question is very important.  in any job interview below is the list of questions that almost ask ..

1. Tell me about yourself.

This is one of the most feature question that during any job interview employer starts with. this is also very basic and too much confusing. in this situation generally people starts telling their name ,address and qualification and experiences.

Employers after looking at your resume become aware of your name,qualification and your experiences.  the main aim of your employer is to see the “How are you representing yourself”. So telling yourself should not be boring. it should be compelling. suppose someone starts like..

“I am xyz and what people say about me that i am hard-worker ….”. then you can summarize your qualification , experiences and passions.

This above sentence gives some testimonial for your career.

2. What are your strength?

Generally people take this question easy. this is the one of the most basic question which very important for the employers. your strength with the company goal should be aligned with. if you are confused at the time of interview it shows that your are lack of yourself.

if you dont know your strength you can ask from your friend or may discuss with your seniors. you can look at your resume and find some good points that may be your strength.

3. What are your weakness?

This is negative for you.  this answer should be minimized. during telling your weakness you have to focus on your strength.

 …i will analyze next and update here..

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