Introduction to c++ language

  • Beginning with c++
  • Hello world in c++
  • Input and output operator in c++

Data types in c++

  • Declaration of variables and scope
  • Conversion of primitive and user defined data types

C++ operators

  • What are operators in c++

Array ,pointers and function in c++

  • fundamentals of array
  • fundamentals of pointers
  • fundamentals of functions
  • Passing value to function
  • How to declare function pointers in c++
  • Using pointers
  • Two dimensional array in c++
  • What is recursive function
  • Difference between char* and char[]?

classes and objects in c++

  • Introduction to c++ classes and objects
  • Data abstraction
  • what is encapsulation in c++
  • What are constructor and destructor in c++
  • Where c++ objects are stored
  • Introduction to static variables and static functions

Dynamic memory allocation and manipulation

  • The new operator
  • The delete operator
  • Memory leak avoidance
  • interview questions and answers
  • c++ mcq

Concept of Inheritance in c++

  • What is inheritance in c++ explain with example
  • Types of inheritance , public,private and protected qualifiers
  • C++ member overriding and scope resolution
  • Multiple , multilevel and multi-path Inheritance
  • Diamond problem in c++ and its solution
  • What is friend function in c++, when it is used?
  • Multiple choice questions of c++ inheritance

Concept of c++ polymorphism

  • Introduction to c++ polymorphism

    Function overloading

    • How to overload member function

    • How to overload non-member function
    • How to overload function in a class
    • Scope resolution
    • How to overload constructor and why?
  • Operator overloading

    • How to overload unary operator
    • How to overload binary operator
    • How to overload operator using friend function in c++
    • Arithmetic operator overloading example
    • General rules to follow for operator overloading
    • What are restrictions for operator overloading
    • Summary and suggestions
  • Dynamic polymorphism in c++

    • Virtual functions
    • Pure virtual functions
    • Null virtual functions
    • What is Abstract class in c++
    • Difference between early binding and late binding
    • Virtual constructors and destructors
    • What are limitations of virtual functions
    • What are virtual friends
  • Introduction to Template in c++

    • Introduction to c++ template in c++
    • What are generic functions and its limitations
    • Template inheritance in c++
    • How to achieve static polymorphism using template
  • C++ Exception Handling

    • What is exception in c++ explanation with example
    • Multiple catch of exceptions in c++
    • How to catch all exceptions
    • Re-throwing of exceptions in c++
  • Working with file in c++

    • File input and output
    • input and output file stream
    • Opening and closing file in c++
    • How to read large file using file i/o


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