c++11 is a version of c++ programing language standard and c++14 is an extension of c++11. The c++ programmers need to know th new features introduced by c++11 and c++14 for interview purpose. Besides interview purpose, it would make you a better c++ programmer. C++ 17 is upcoming standard.

c++11, c++14 interview questions

c++11 and c++14 interview questions

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  1.  What are the major c++ features ?
  2.  How could you port existing c++ code to c++11? can you explain an approach?
  3.  How auto keyword works?
  4.  Implement your own auto keyword?
  5. What are the aims for c++11 and c++14 standard?
  6.  What are the benefits of using nullptr?
  7. Explain me c++ Lamda expression with the context of c++11 and c++14.
  8. Explain the memory management in c++11 smart pointers. explain the pros and cons of auto_ptr?
  9. what is strongly typed enum in c++ 11? http://wikistack.com/strongly-typed-enum-c-11-tutorial/

For more details visit http://www.stroustrup.com/C++11FAQ.html