Face recognition system is a computer vision application where people can be identified by capturing facial image live from camera. Face recognition technology has been interesting application for vision researchers. face recognition system uses face as a key for security. This system has different advantage because it can recognize human without any human contact. computer scientists still doing research for better algorithm for face recognition system. There are number of algorithms and libraries are available for making face recognition application. OpenCv is an open source computer vision library that is having built in face recognition functionality.

This projects for students is very interesting which will give ex-poser to computer vision or video analytic technology and definitely provide good impression to the IT career.

How to do this project

  • Learn computer vision (introduction)
  • go to this  link and learn simple uses of opencv
  • This library has built in module for face recognition.
  • Use PCA ( principal component analysis)  for face recognition.
  • If you do not know how to build and use opencv , follow below links

Send mail at for help.. on this topic. PHD and students can propose enhancement on PCA algorithm (principal component analysis) for better performance of face recognition system.


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