how to download python libraries in Linux. Installing python libraries or package is very easy task. Let us see given step by step instructions. we need to install  pip, python-setuptools and pip tools before installing python libraries , these are the helpers tools to install python packages.

how to download python libraries in Linux ubuntu

  • Let us install set up tools first
sudo easy_install pip
sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
sudo easy_install pip
  • After above installation , with the pip we can install any python libraries. For example let us install BeautifulSoup libraries. The BeautifulSoup python library fetches web page and extract information from web page. To install BeautifulSoup run following command from Linux terminal.

how to download python libraries in Linux

how to download python package On CentOs

  • Install Python pip, by using ¬† ‘yum install python-pip’ command on terminal.
  • Once you have python pip installed, you can simply install Python package by running pip as below
  • #pip install packagename ( for example to install BeautifulSoup4 , use command pip install BeautifulSoup4)

Note: To install python package on window based machine follow this link


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