We can make a custom Ubuntu distribution using some techniques and tools. Ubuntu like OS distribution is based on open source software. Ubuntu Os is already so customize for a normal user. 

What is custom distribution

Ubuntu comes with some inbuilt software. Installing some additional software , removing some unwanted software from default configuration according the need is known as a custom distribution. Changing the look and feel of the user interface is also done in custom distribution.

After making all changes to a already installed Ubuntu Os, we can make backup of installed Os as a install-able iso image.  Later on iso image can be installed to a USB media. Now we can use bootable USB to install custom Ubuntu distro. Let us learn step by step.

Change desktop wallpaper 

Install/Remove Software (how to make custom ubuntu distro)

Adding new software or removing existing already installed software is very easy in any ubuntu operating system. we can install or un-install software via two methods.

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