Media Player is a computer software which play media files. Today we will learn a very basic tutorial about how to make your own media player in c programming with the help of gtk and gstreamer library. Gtk is an open source gui library where as gstreamer is a strong media framework. GTK will help to create graphical user interface through which a use interact while gstreamer will be back-end for playing a media ( video ) file.

Installing dependencies

To build simple media player with gtk and gstreamer we need to install some package into our Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.). For gtk wee need libgtk+-3.0-dev package and for gstreamer we need libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-dev package. These two libraries can be installed in Ubuntu Linux by Ubuntu software center. It is very simple just open Ubuntu Software center ,search the package name and install.

How to make your own media player in Linux using GTK and Gstreamerr


How it compiles

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