In this blog we will see how to short long URL address using URL shortener. There are really some useful web portals like Google URL Shortener (,   etc. where we can short a long URL address.

Why we short long URL address

Short URL address is easy to remember and share. Long URL address specially when it contains lots of special characters takes time to type and does not look  good.

How to Short Long URL address Using URL Shortener

How to Short Long URL using

  • Open URL from any Web Browser like Chrome, Firefox, I.E etc.
  • Enter a long URL to short, Make it tiny
  •  The tiny URL would be something like , and when you enter this shortened URL to a Web Browser it would redirect to original URL.

How to Short Long URL using Google URL Shortener

The Google URL Shortener website link is It is a service which takes long URL and gives you a short URL which is easier to read , type and share. It works like

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