Linux kernel compilation tutorial step by step instruction

1) Go to and download stable version.

Linux kernel compilation

2) After complete download , you will get linux-3.18.tar.xz file. This is a compressed source code of latest linux kernel.

3) UN-compressed with below command. You can also untar or UN-compressed by write click and extract utility on Ubuntu Linux.

#gzip -cd linux-3.X.tar.gz | tar xvf -

Below is way of GUI mode

Linux kernel compilation

4) Go to the Linux source directory.

      #cd linux-3.18.x

Linux kernel compilation

5)  Make sure you have no stale .o files and dependencies lying around:

#make mrproper

You should now have the sources correctly installed.

6) Before compilation we have to configure the kernel by running below command.

#make oldconfig

If you want to carry your existing configuration to a new version with minimal work, use “make oldconfig”, which will only ask you for the answers to new questions.

7) Compile the kernel by make command


8) compile the modules.

           # make modules

9) Install the kernel

              #make modules_install

             #make install

This last command will install new kernel. Note: Installing new linux kernel may make your system UN-stable. So install new kernel with proper guidelines from experts.

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