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    There is ld command

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    This is an startup, we would do more , thanks for your visits

  3. doesn’t work for non-square matrices with more rows than columns

  4. Segmentation fault.

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      will check

    • The issue is that they are not finding the midpoint correctly in the multiply function.

      Every time there is a line such as : = / 2

      where you divide by two in order to find the midpoint it has to be changed to : = ( / 2

      to find the true midpoint between a start and end where the start is nonzero.

  5. Error when installing tools

    sudo apt-get install linux-source linux-header build-essensial fakeroot
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Unable to locate package linux-header
    E: Unable to locate package build-essensial

  6. 32 bit

  7. what is the output of this program?

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