Predict the C++ program output and enhance C++ Skill. To refresh c++ skill and concept, some very simple c++ program’s output prediction is best way to learn. Try to predict the outputs and exercise by compiling and running the below sample c++ program.

what is output of below c++ program?

output : 1

Predict the C++ program output. will the below code compile? if not then why?

what will be the output of below code?

int& x = c;

Here an implicit conversion from char to int is being performed by the compiler and for that a temporary int variable would be created. The resulting temporary int can only be bound to a const reference. So The output would be 10, The value of y will not changed when the value of c is changed.

Predict the C++ program output?



Find output of c++ program?

Find output of c++ program?



what would be the output?

predict c++ output of below?


In C++ a class with at least one pure virtual function is called abstract class. You can not create objects of that class, but may only have pointers or references to it.If you are deriving from an abstract class, then make sure you override and define all pure virtual functions for your class.

what is problem with below code?

problem :
invalid initialization of non-const reference of type ‘int&’ from an rvalue of type ‘int’

will the below code compile using -std=c++11?

Note: No , c++ 11 rvalue references binds only to rvalues

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