Questions ListCategory: QuestionsMy hard drive of del latop is not being detected by BIOS. How can i recover my data?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

Can somebody help me to recover my data from hard drive. I have tried several times to boot but even BIOS is not able to detect it. what is the reason to failure. can i recover my data? It is a 320 GB hard disk and its some important docs and my old days photos. I have tired to contact the data recovery professional but they are demanding too much money compare to price of new hard drive. Please help..

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wikistack Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear user, it is a painful task to recover data from failed hard drive if BIOS is not detecting your hard drive. It may be a mechanical failure. You can contact any near by data recovery professional they may recover your data. Actually the cost of recovery of lost data is usually depends upon the volume of data to recover.
Can please tell us your location , we can suggest some cheap costlier professional..

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