Binary tree is very basic data structure in software program. below is top 20 interview questions on binary trees that are commonly asked during software job’s interview.

  1. construct binary tree from inorder and post order traversal
  2. construct binary tree from preorder and inorder traversal
  3. construct binary tree from preorder and postorder traversal
  4. construct binary tree from parent array
  5. find closest node in a Binary Search Tree
  6. write c program to delete a binary tree
  7. write c program to count leaf nodes in binary tree
  8. find height of a binary tree
  9. Write C code to Check Binary tree is BST or Not
  10. Print all path of binary tree ,Path from root to leaf node
  11. How to check whether a Binary tree is subtree of another binary tree
  12. what is difference between binary tree and binary search tree?
  13. Check if Binary Tree is Height Balanced?
  14. Spiral traversal of binary tree
  15. Write C program to search for a value in a binary search tree
  16. find if two binary trees are identical
  17. What are the applications of binary trees?
  18. Difference between “Complete binary tree”, “strict binary tree”,“full binary Tree”?
  19. Convert a Binary Tree into an Array in C
  20. find min and max node of a binary tree

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