what is local class and its significance in c++? local class is a class which is declare inside a function.  For example in below example class cLocal is a local class and it becomes local to the function foo.

  • local classes cannot define static member variable and cannot access non static local variables. so when we will compile below sample program it will error out.

Why local classes are not allowed static data member?

  • local classes can be considered as a final classes because we cannot derive a new class from the local class. however we can derive a new class from local class inside the function in which local class is declared.

what is local class and its significance in c++?

Use case 1.

Let us assume that we have an requirement such that only a particular function can create an object of a class. In this case the class needs to be local to that function. We cannot create new object of a local class outside of function.

Use case 2:

  • Local classes are used to create trampoline functions.



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