what is placement new in cpp and its usage? placement new is used to create an object at a known location. placement new operator is different from ‘new. operator in c++. new creates an object at heap while ‘placement new’ places the object at a predefined address. using placement new requires header #include<new>.

what is placement new in cppSyntax for placement new

what is placement new in cpp? write an example


Usage of placement new

  • Achieving c++ polymorphism without the heap.
  • memory mapped i/o in embedded system.

How to delete an object allocated with placement new?

Let us see a very simple example.

When you will try to compile above program , it will compile but at runtime it will give segmentation fault. The error is at delete ptr. placement new does not allocate memory. it only construct an object at a specified address. Attempting to delete a memory which is not created by new is an error condition.

There is no need to deallocate ptr in above program as it will be deallocated when main exits. To delete an object created by placement new simply call objects destructor.

Let us see another example. Will the below code compile?

Yes it will be compile but it will give error. The program would terminate by c library giving SIGABRT  signal at statement delete ptr.





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